In « Make, Think, Imagine » John Browne argues that we need not and must not put the brakes on technological advance. Civilisation is founded on engineering innovation; all progress stems from the human urge to make things and to shape the world around us, resulting in greater freedom, health and wealth for all. Drawing on history, his own experiences and conversations with many of today’s great innovators, he uncovers the basis for all progress and its consequences, both good and bad. He argues compellingly that the same spark that triggers each innovation can be used to counter its negative consequences. Make, Think, Imagine provides an eloquent blueprint for how we can keep moving towards a brighter future.


09:00 – 09:30 guest gathering and breakfast
09:30 – 10:20 Lord Browne’s presentation and firechat session with Antoine Rostand, Kayrros President
10:20 – 10:30 Q&A
 10:30 – 10 :40 Lord Browne’s interacting with attendees and book signing



La Place Fintech 2ème étage du Palais Brongniart, 28 place de la Bourse, Paris, 75002 France