Gestion des Risques et Stratégies d’Investissement

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Despite a more solid international governance architecture, financial crises are still frequent and their consequences often devastating and long-lasting. Financial crises come in many forms, such as international debt and banking crises, geopolitical crises, inflation, currency crashes and debasement. The severity and the relatively high frequency of financial crises and the transmission of the crises across markets/countries have increasingly attracted the interest of researchers, practitioners, regulators and policymakers alike. The subprime financial crisis in the US and its metastasis in the Eurozone, transformed into a sovereign debt crisis in several countries and severe recession, depicted with unparalleled force the weaknesses of the existing financial architecture.

The research will focus on the following themes:

  • The characteristics of financial crises,
  • Forecasting financial crises,
  • The impact of institutions on crises,
  • The new macroeconomic and financial order,
  • Asset allocation in a complex environment,
  • Risk measurement.

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Bertrand Candelon
Bertrand Candelon
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