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Blockchain Perspectives Joint Research Initiative

Type de programme Initiative de recherche
Fondation ief
Transition Financière
Création; 14-11-2016
Fin / Proch. Ren. 30-12-2020
Projet scientifique :

This cross-disciplinary research initiative ambitions to study the various potential applications for blockchains across the economy, and in particular how distributed ledger technology (DLT) is likely to impact the financial industry. To this end, important questions such as how DLT may be integrated into the post-trade landscape and reshape it, or how smart contracts can be used for managing margin requirements will be studied, with the overall ambition of precisely assessing the efficiency gain and risk reduction that market participants could expect from DLT introduction.

Responsables scientifiques
Primavera DE FILIPPI
Primavera DE FILIPPI
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BNP Paribas SA
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