Race To Zero

Corporate ownership

Race To Zero is part of UNFCCC & Others.

Quick description

The Race To Zero Data Explorer is a new tool showcasing climate data from the largest 500 companies in the campaign. The Data Explorer is a critical first step in enhancing the transparency of net zero commitments. It was developed by Climate Arc, and is powered by data from the world’s largest environmental disclosure system, CDP. The tool tracks the progress of companies in meeting the Race to Zero Criteria, including the pace of emissions reductions. 

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • Climate Alignment (Commitments (Corporate Targets), Metrics (Implied Temperature Rise, Overshoot, Other Metrics))
  • Footprint (Carbon (Scope 1, 2 and 3))
  • Aligned Revenue, Capex and Opex

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Credit : This tool has been made in the context of the EquipEx+ ANR-21-ESRE-0036:

Special thanks to Maria VILLALONGA, Thibaud BARREAU and all other contributors.