ND-GAIN Country Index

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ND-GAIN Country Index is part of Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative.

Quick description

The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative (ND-GAIN) Country Index is a measurement tool that helps governments, businesses and communities examine risks exacerbated by climate change, such as over-crowding, food insecurity, inadequate infrastructure, and civil conflicts. Free and open source, the Country Index uses 20 years of data across 45 indicators to rank over 180 countries annually based on their level of vulnerability, and their readiness to successfully implement adaptation solutions. An array of analytic tools allows users to examine trends, play out scenarios, and investigate components over time.

Beyond the final index, their list of 45 country-level indicator is also of great interest for several green and sustainable finance use cases. 

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • Sustainability Rating (Country rating)
  • Environmental Impact (Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Water Impact (Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems), Pollution (Air, Land and Water), Nature)
  • Social Impact (Impact on communities, Basic human needs accesses)
  • Social Safeguards
  • Physical Risk (Chronic Risk (Temperature Rise, Sea-level Rise, Biodiversity Loss, Arable Land, Biodiversity Dependency, Ecosystem Health, Water Supply), Acute Risk)

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