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ImpactIn stands at the crossroad of Fintech, Insurtech, and Sustaintech: they build ESG impact rating and investments analysis solutions to evaluate and manage the impact of investment, insurance, territories, or corporate activities. They provide finance institutions, companies, and territories with solutions to measure, manage, and report the ESG impact of their activities, in order to comply with sustainable regulations, and align with ESG/RI frameworks (EU Taxonomy, SFDR, NFDR, CSRD, ECB climate stress tests, UN SDGs, PRI…).

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • EU Taxonomy (DNSH)
  • Environmental Impact (Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation, Water (Freshwater, Marine Resources), Circular Economy, Pollution (Air, Land, Water), Nature (Species, Ecosystems))
  • Social Impact (Employment, Impact on Workers, Impact on Consumers, Impact on Communities, Human Needs, Economic Infrastructure)
  • SDGs Contribution (17 SDGs)
  • Climate Stress Tests
  • ESG Risk Assessment
  • Impact Measurement (IMP, Other Impact Measurement)

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Credit : This tool has been made in the context of the EquipEx+ ANR-21-ESRE-0036:

Special thanks to Maria VILLALONGA, Thibaud BARREAU and all other contributors.