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Icebreaker One

Quick description

Icebreaker One is an independent, non-partisan non-profit with global reach. It aims to influence investment decisions of $3.6T/year to deliver demonstrable net-zero by 2030. By unlocking the data infrastructure needed to share environmental & financial data it convenes organisations to understand how best to use data as a continuous flow of evidence that informs action. It is helping to instrument net-zero by connecting policy, strategy, risk management and investment to real-world data to enable climate-ready financial instruments, climate-aware risk management and climate-credible deployment of robust, long-term solutions. 

Their work Open Net Zero spans sectors that need to share net-zero data, including Finance, ESG, Energy, Built World, Transport, Agriculture and Water. The nature of these challenges is that there is no single place where all the data is, so they work with public and private sector organisations as a constellation of active participants, catalysing development through targetted initiatives using user needs to inform solutions that address their mission.

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • Climate Alignment (Commitments, Metrics)
  • Environmental Impact (Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation)
  • Transition Risk
  • Physical Risk
  • Footprint (Carbon (Scope 1, 2, 3))

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