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Humpact is an independent extra-financial rating agency specialized in the field of employment. It offers a tool to identify listed companies with a positive impact on local employment: it provides its clients with data, indicators, scores and impact measures on the contribution of the main listed companies to social issues in Europe and France.

Their mission is to measure the impact of listed companies on employment in France. Its ambition is to contribute to the resolution of national social problems such as the promotion of decent employment, the inclusion of young people into the labour market, the professional inclusion of people with disabilities (PWDs), and gender parity, amongst others.

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • Social Impact (Employment, Impact on Workers, Impact on Communities, Human Needs, Economic Infrastructure)
  • SDGs Contribution (No Poverty, Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Decent Work, Industry and Infrastructure, Reduced Inequality)
  • Sustainability Rating (Corporate Rating (Best-in-Universe))
  • Impact Measurement (Other)
  • Reporting (CSRD)
  • Controversies (Social Controversies (Real-time))

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Credit : This tool has been made in the context of the EquipEx+ ANR-21-ESRE-0036:

Special thanks to Maria VILLALONGA, Thibaud BARREAU and all other contributors.