Quick description

Established by the World Economic Forum and the Aker group, the HUB Ocean has a global mandate to use the advances of fourth industrial revolution technologies for the benefit of a productive and healthy ocean and to improve the environmental footprint of ocean industries.

They provide the “Ocean Data Platform” (currently under private preview, this tool will be public soon) where one can find world ocean data, that includes several datasets such as the “World Ocean Database“, “World Ocean Atlas”, “GEBCO Bathymetry Data”, “SST Coral Reef Watch” and the “Global Vessel Emissions”.

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • Environmental Impact (Pollution Prevention & Control, Biodiversity Preservation & Restoration)
  • SDGs Contribution (Underwater Biodiversity)
  • Physical Risk (Chronic Risk (Temperature Rise, Sea-level Rise, Ocean Acidification))
  • Footprints (Carbon (Scope 1))


The European Maritime Day (EMD) 2022