Global Energy Monitor

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Global Energy Monitor (GEM) develops and shares information on fossil fuel projects in support of the worldwide movement for clean energy.Global Energy Monitor studies the evolving international energy landscape, creating databases, reports, and interactive tools that enhance understanding. GEM is developing a comprehensive set of tools that allow users to zoom out for summaries and analysis at the regional or global scale, or zoom in for background and details on any element of the system — coal mine, nuclear power plant, wind farm, oil extraction field, fossil gas pipeline, or oil tanker.

GEM seeks to make reliable energy data available to the world. To achieve this, they operate on a principle of open access and collaboration. Their data tools are the products of global teamwork, with researchers, analysts, and volunteers from countries around the world each contributing their part. In turn, GEM makes these tools freely available to the world—granting unrestricted access to anyone. Among their databases you can find: Coal & Steel (plants, mines, terminals, finance), Oil & Gas (extraction, infrastructure, plants), and Renewables (Solar and Wind farms) data.

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  • Footprints (Carbon (Scope 1, 2))

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