Quick description

Datacie is an information company specializing in Document Intelligence that provides unique, actionable and fully customizable datasets to financial institutions, global corporations and non-profit organizations. Datacie aims at creating the most accessible social and environmental database on the world companies to help decision-makers tackle some of humanity’s most pressing challenges with reliable and timely information. They combine the latest advances in deep learning with a human-in-the-loop QA architecture to aggregate over 500 precise ESG data points on 10’000 companies that they make available via standardized APIs.

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • Climate Alignment (Commitments (Corporate Targets), Metrics (Implied Temperature Rise))
  • Shareholders Engagement
  • Social Safeguards
  • Corporate Governance (Remuneration, Board Composition, Shareholders Rights)
  • Business Ethics (Anti-competitive Practices, Corruption and Instability)
  • Environmental Impact (Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation, Water, Pollution, Biodiversity)
  • Social Impact (Employment, Workers)
  • Climate Stress Tests
  • ESG Risk Assessment
  • Footprints (Carbon (Scope 1, 2, 3), Air Pollution, Forest, Water, Biodiversity)
  • Reporting (PAI, TCFD, CSRD)

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Credit : This tool has been made in the context of the EquipEx+ ANR-21-ESRE-0036:

Special thanks to Maria VILLALONGA, Thibaud BARREAU and all other contributors.