Bloomberg ESG

Quick description

Bloomberg’s Environmental, Social & Governance dataset offers ESG metrics and ESG disclosure scores for more than 11,800 companies in 100+ countries for over 410,000 active securities. The product includes as-reported data and derived ratios as well as sector and country-specific data points. In addition to the extensive ongoing data coverage, they provide historical data going back to 2006.

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • SDGs Contribution
  • Transition Risk
  • Physical Risk (Chronic Risk (Temperature Rise))
  • Impact Measurement (Other Impact Measure)
  • Environmental Impact (Climate Change, Water)
  • Social Impact (Employment, Workers, Communities)
  • Corporate Governance (Remuneration, Board Composition)
  • Footprint (Water (Use, Recycled), Pollution (Nuclear Waste , Toxic Waste , Anti-pollution practices ))
  • Business Ethics (Anti-competitive Practices, Corruption and Instability, Financial Transparency, Tax Transparency, Product Liability)
  • Sustainable Finance Products (ESG Bonds (Green Bonds, Social Bonds, Sustainability Bonds, Sustainability-Linked Bonds), ESG Loans (Green Loans, Social Loans, Sustainability Loans), Securitized Products (Green Asset Backed Securities))

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