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The Louis Bachelier Group funds, develops and promotes research excellence in economics and finance.

We have chosen to refer to Louis Bachelier, precursor in 1900 of the application of mathematics to financial markets, to note that scientific rigor is more than ever essential to tackle major societal transitions.

The group comprises the Louis Bachelier Institute (ILB) and two foundations: Institut Europlace de Finance (IEF) and The Risk Foundation (FdR).

The Louis Bachelier Group works to:

  • Promote the pursuit of fundamental and applied excellence in economics and finance.
  • Stimulate public-private collaboration among the different actors of the ecosystem.
  • Facilitate companies’ access to the best researchers and offer researchers the opportunity to present their work.
  • Develop new knowledge to inform decisions on the part of companies and public policy-makers.
  • Promote French research internationally.
  • Generate interaction and training within the Louis Bachelier network.
  • Be a precursor on future research issues.