Corporate ownership

Orenda is part of SIX.

Quick description

Orenda uses technology based on machine learning to unlock valuable ESG insights via social media, most importantly, from Twitter.

They dynamically assess corporate risk, operational performance, and corporate adherence to ESG principles. Their AI-based technology allows for better interpretation of non-traditional financial information.

Sustainable finance associated use case

  • Environmental Impact (Climate Change Mitigation, Climate Change Adaptation, Water, Circular Economy, Pollution, Biodiversity)
  • Social Impact (Employment, Impact on Workers, Impact on Consumers, Impact on Communities)
  • Controversies (Environmental Real Time Controversies , Social Real Time Controversies, Governance Real Time Controversies)
  • Sustainability Rating (Corporate Rating (Best-in-class))
  • ESG Risk Assessment

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Credit : This tool has been made in the context of the EquipEx+ ANR-21-ESRE-0036:

Special thanks to Maria VILLALONGA, Thibaud BARREAU and all other contributors.