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For companies

Providing access to research and promoting innovation


The Institut Louis Bachelier offers a range of services to accelerate the implementation of research programmes. From the identification of teams through to taking care of the financing process through the two foundations of recognized public utility and Crédit d’Impôt Recherche approved – the Risk Foundation and Europlace Institute of Finance ¬– the Institut Louis Bachelier facilitates access to research for companies.

The professionals and authorities involved are inspired by the findings of academic research and have at their disposal a genuine observatory on current research.

Benoit Hubaud
Managing Director, Société Générale, Marché des Capitaux SGCIB

Services available

  • A unique site to facilitate the creation of Research Chairs.
  • Identification of the most qualified research teams to carry out work on topics chosen by the company.
  • The flexibility to allow several French or foreign academic institutions to be brought together within the same programme.
  • Monitoring of academic work by governance bodies.
  • Assistance in drawing up research programme contracts.
  • Administrative and financial management of research teams throughout the project:
    • Accounting, budget and human resources management.
    • Sending tax receipts.
  • Making available work space and a meeting room.
  • Transmission of news about Chairs through publications (Cahiers Louis Bachelier, Opinions & Débats) and the media website
  • Regular interaction between researchers and professionals during scientific events (Financial Risks International Forum, Market Microstructure, Scientific Mornings)