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Addressing data issues together


The ILB Data Lab offers to companies, researchers and public authorities a support for statistical analysis and modelling, in particular through the use of machine learning models. The Data Lab is ILB research team created in the beginning of 2015. Its purpose is to collect and develop applicable research project in the field of “data” with a focus on machine learning models. This team of engineer, from the best French schools, is in regular interaction with the best French academic researchers in this field (Jean Michel Lasry, Olivier Grisel…).

This ILB Data Lab drives specific research programmes. This unit can also support ILB research programmes.His fields of interest are statistics, information theory, signal theory and more specifically machine learning.

The speciality of the ILB team is the prototyping of machine learning algorithms in Python and R supervising by renowned researchers.

“Thanks to its agility the ILB Data Lab makes a new contribution to the Louis Bachelier Group development. Working with companies as well as researchers, this unit fits spontaneously in the existing ecosystem.”

Louis Boulanger, ILB Data Lab director

Services available

  • Treatment of data: transformation, information extraction, descriptive analysis, data collection, unstructured data analysis etc.
  • Modeling: statistics, econometrics and machine learning (descriptive or predictive)
  • Encoding support
  • Support for modeling, data analysis and visualization