Scientific project

The specified objective of the “Finance and Sustainable Development” Chair is to contribute to the production of knowledge and methods for evaluating, quantifying and managing, through the cross-fertilization of quantitative finance and various fields within economics –­ in particular, environmental economics and the economics of energy raw materials –, the risks involved in the sustainable development of societies. The aim is to fully integrate these risks into the financial functioning of the economy, thereby providing a means for shareholders and political and economic decision-makers to express societal choices through financial choices.

For the sake of clarity, the Chair’s research themes have been grouped around five themes:

  • Mean field games
  • Ecological rates and the economics of climate risk
  • Finance of energy markets and CO2 markets
  • Biodiversity, agriculture and exhaustible resources
  • Long-term risk and quantitative methods

Scientific officers

Jean-Michel Lasry
Jean-Michel Lasry
Pierre-Louis Lions
Pierre-Louis Lions

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