Environmental challenges in viticulture: a behavioral analysis of blockages and levers for action.

Behavioural economics, Développement durable, Enchères expérimentales, Experimental auctions, Nudges, Sustainable developement, Vin, Wine, Économie comportementale

Essays on the Role of Information in Job Search Behavior and Demand for Training.

Behavioural economics, Information, Job search, Policy evaluation, Recherche d'emploi, Économie comportementale, Évaluation de politiques publiques

Expectations, loss aversion, and retirement decisions in the context of the 2009 crisis in europe.

Behavioural economics, Job retention, Loss aversion, SHARE data

Tax evasion, social information and auditing policies: insight from behavioural economics.

Behavioural economics, Tax evasion

Essays on inequality, social preferences and consumer behavior.

Behavioural economics, Consommation, Consumption, Inequality, Inégalités, Préférences sociales, Social preferences, Économie comportementale

Happiness and Economic Growth: Lessons from Developing Countries.

Academics and scholars of happiness economics, Behavioural economics, Development economics, Labour economics, Welfare economics

Nudging and Subsidizing Farmers to Foster Smart Water Meter Adoption.

Behavioural economics, Choice experiment, French farmers, Nudges, Smart water meters, Social norms

Can we nudge farmers into saving water? Evidence from a randomised experiment.

Behavioural economics, Irrigation water use, Nudges, Public policy