The shift has already begun. In California, certain areas are being abandoned by insurers. In France, drought, storms, and floods also threaten the insurability of certain risks. These phenomena, among others, highlight the need to transition to a post-growth society, one that subordinates its economic goals to respecting planetary boundaries and fundamental social needs.

How to act? Act to preserve the insurability of properties and activities, and also to enable insurance to play a crucial role in the necessary transition.

Initiatives already exist. They involve prevention, adaptation, or regeneration… These innovative actions can inspire others, and their widespread adoption can actively contribute to the transition.

The MAPMONDES chair (measuring differently for a sustainable and viable world), initiated and co-founded by SeaBird Impact, is pleased to invite you to a conference on Tuesday, June 18, featuring stakeholders who have undertaken these concrete initiatives.

These actions are part of a study, which will be published during this conference, conducted by SeaBird Impact and Prophil in partnership with Matmut, Maif, Groupama, Tikehau Capital, and Axa Climate as part of the research conducted by the MAPMONDES chair.




Introduction by Geneviève Férone-Creuzet, Co-founder and Partner at Prophil, and Cyrille Vu, Founding President of SeaBird Impact.

Presentation of the study “Insurance & Post-Growth: How to Protect Within Planetary Boundaries?” by Pierre Thérond, Actuary, Associate Director at SeaBird, Maylis Cartigny, Research Director at Prophil, and Timothé Miot, Research Officer at Prophil.

What levers can enable insurers to reinvent their role in protection?

  • Drawing inspiration from nature-based solutions for adaptation
  • Organizing the distribution of roles between insurers and public authorities
  • Accelerating the mobilization of investments to support the transition and redirection

Participants to date include:

  • Guillaume Abel, Deputy CEO, Mirova
  • Jules Chandellier, Biodiversity Consultant, The Biodiversity Consultancy Ltd
  • Antoine Denoix, CEO, AXA Climate
  • Martin Landais, Deputy Director of Insurance, French Treasury
  • Thierry Langreney, President, Environmental Association Les Ateliers du Futur, and co-author of the mission report on the insurability of climate risks
  • Hélène N’Diaye, Deputy CEO in charge of Personal Insurance, Investments, Actuarial and Data, MAIF

Moderated by Valentin Desmet, Sustainable Transformation Offer Manager, SeaBird.

What mitigation and adaptation initiatives are necessary to preserve insurability conditions?

  • Ensuring the conversion of agricultural practices
  • Limiting resource usage by promoting reuse
  • Developing inclusive insurance

Participants to date include:

  • Simon Blaquière, Director of Reinsurance, Climate Lab & Technical Projects, Generali
  • Olivier Boulangé, Co-founder and President, JeSuisReco
  • Arnaud Chneiweiss, Insurance Mediator, Insurance Mediation
  • Emmanuel Petit, CSR Director, MATMUT

Moderated by Prophil.

Conclusion by Véronique Blum, Scientific Director of the MAPMONDES research chair.





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